SIS accelerates expansion into the US

Our partner, SIS, have announced they have formed a US subsidiary, SIS Content Services Inc., to demonstrate their commitment to the US and opportunities for retail and digital sports betting providers and horse racing stakeholders.

SIS has been active in the parimutuel pool betting market for several years and offers a wide range of products and services for sports betting and racetrack providers.

For sports betting, SIS Content Services offers a complete turnkey solution for real-time data and video, business services and liability management for its portfolio of more than 30,000 horse races, 38,000 greyhound races and more than 100,000 competitive games (eSports) events. This international portfolio can quickly and easily add proven high-quality content to sports betting.

For racetracks, SIS offers distribution of its racing content with fixed quotas both nationally and globally in order to maximise sales and win new customers for the racing product. SIS is the world’s most successful racing dealer and is a partner of 118 racetracks in 16 countries.

SIS brings expertise to the US horse racing market. As regulators, sports betting, racetracks and equestrian groups investigate how fixed odds should be implemented as a sports betting product and as a supplement of the current parimutuel system to make the sport grow.

Richard Ames, CEO of SIS and President of SIS Content Services, said that the launch has played an important role in the increasing internationalisation of the SIS business and comes at a time when the US racing market is facing changes and unprecedented opportunities.

He added: “SIS will provide customers with access to the world’s best horse racing content, thirty years of distribution experience, and turnkey technology with the capacity to generate new revenues both on and off-track.

Our offering comes with all the products and services required to satisfy stakeholders across the industry and will add significant value to their own proposition.

When it comes to fixed odds wagering, there are obviously a number of regulatory hurdles to cross in the coming months, but there is a genuine opportunity for it to benefit both horseracing stakeholders and sportsbooks. The launch of SIS Content Services follows on the heels of a significant investment in Australia’s RACELAB GLOBAL, and is further evidence of the commitment that SIS is making to racing as both a sport and a wagering offering”.

SIS Content Services is led by Michele Fischer and is part of the number of other appointments in the coming months. Fischer brings extensive knowledge of US horse racing and is a familiar face to many in the industry as an international racing consultant and former Sportech executive.

Michele Fischer said: “We have seen an explosion in sports betting in regulated states in the last few years. The time is now for US racing and all its stakeholders to be an active participant and reap the benefits of that growth as well.

As SIS has demonstrated for decades in the UK and Ireland, and currently in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, it is extremely well-positioned to help operators and racetracks make the most of their racing content. I am excited to be leading SIS Content Services at a time when the opportunity for US racing both domestically and internationally is greater than it has ever been”.

RACELAB is looking forward to working with SIS Ltd in supporting their ambitious US expansion strategy.