How 24/7 racing events are driving revenues for operators globally

Together, RACELAB and SIS share a vision of how to promote racing to new audiences, leveraging the power of digital technologies, to deliver turnkey solutions for betting operators, enhancing their profitability.

This article contains excerpts written by Paul Witten, Commercial Director of SIS, highlighting how racing events 24/7 bring additional revenue to operators around the world, backed by a localised approach.

Horse racing and greyhound betting events are becoming an important part of the product offering to international operators in many new regions, including those with small legacy of previous racing.

Both retailers and online operators have identified race betting content as an effective way to provide their customers with an exciting betting experience. This has increased revenue.

Regardless of customer level of knowledge, SIS have spent a lot of time ensuring racing content is presented with clarity. Their channels have various on-screen betting prompts and tips to give customers the confidence to place a bet, even if they are new to racing.

With a wide range of markets and prices, operators can also promote markets that they believe most resonate with their customers and their betting preferences.

Presenting these race betting events in a “Watch and Bet” format has helped encourage bettors to participate in horse racing and greyhounds. This approach allows bettors to become accustomed to the racing and betting market and immerse themselves in the excitement of live betting products, without having to place a bet first to watch a live race.

Operating partners’ access to this live content has proven to be internationally successful, which has driven growth in acquisition and retention rates.

SIS has been at the forefront of live video and data delivery of thoroughbred racing and greyhound racing to the global betting industry for over 30 years and their racing services are at the heart of successful sportsbooks. RACELAB’s market-leading pricing capability, liability management and informatics compliments SIS’ services and together provide a compelling, global market offering.

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