Meet our Head Analyst, Gerard Twomey!

Meet our Head Analyst, Gerard Twomey. Gerard brings a lifetime of experience in corporate bookmaking and form analysis to RACELAB, providing important industry knowledge for our systems and customers. From a family immersed in the bookmaking trade, Gerard began his working life as a commission agent, then moved into corporate bookmaking in the early days of the change from on-course to off-course systems. Gerard has taught many of the young up and coming bookmakers and form analysts across the Australian industry, and his strengths include risk management, odds compiling, and form analysis across the entire bookmaking spectrum.

As the Head Analyst at RACELAB, Gerard leads a team of analysts and uses his vast industry experience to help shape value-add products for RACELAB’s customers. “With online bookmaking, the game has changed significantly from the days of on-course and SP bookmaking. Form analysis used to be focused purely on racing, or sports, across the different codes, with professional punters co-existing with bookmakers. Most punters engage with our bookmaker customers’ products online now, and that has changed the entire business where they undertake extensive marketing and compete with new and innovative products in order to secure and retain punters. Across our suite of products, RACELAB assists corporate bookmakers adapt to the way people engage with racing across the three racing codes.”

RACELAB provides intelligent data services and turnkey software solutions to wagering providers and sportsbooks around the world. ProFORM Informatics creates racebook data with enhanced informatics to provide accurate ‘real time’ information that enables wagering providers to grow turnover and customer engagement; while RACELAB’s fixed odds pricing services is power by proprietary Odds Engine technology which allows for accurate, real-time sports book operations and liability management.