Meet our lead Analyst (asia region), Marco tse!

Marco’s passion for horse racing across Asia began early, growing up in Hong Kong, and now his Chinese and Japanese language multi-lingual ability brings an important skillset to RACELAB’s global operations.

Marco’s pathway towards expert form analysis and next generation computer modelling database management hasn’t been typical, and yet, this atypical journey brings a rich depth of Asian racing knowledge and passion to the RACELAB team.

Working with RACELAB’s Global Head Analyst, Gerard Twomey, Marco manages our Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Macau operations, and enjoys the networking side of the racing industry.

“Relationships and people are everything in business, and this is doubly true in horse racing. I like to meet people who love racing and to talk to them about it.”

Marco’s experience initially working in hospitality at Hong Kong’s flagship The Peninsula Hotel, as well as the Hotel Okura in Macau provided unique opportunities to meet and develop relationships many industry leaders across the full spectrum of disciplines of international thoroughbred racing.

“I learned the patterns of Japanese racing from their various computer simulation games. Now I’m lucky to visit Japan in person for their big meetings. I love the atmosphere of the Japan Cup and Derby, especially with the emphasis on family, horses, and jockeys. One of my favourite meetings is the Hong Kong International meeting. It’s a good occasion to meet fans across Asia and the world, and brings together the best horses, international jockeys, and many other incredible people in the industry – global friendships and networking are a key part to sustainable success in horse racing.”

Aside from the production of RACELAB’s Asian products, Marco’s favourite part of the role is developing new products to promote and educate racing to younger generations.

RACELAB provides intelligent data services and turnkey software solutions to wagering providers and sportsbooks around the world. ProFORM Informatics creates racebook data with enhanced informatics to provide accurate ‘real time’ information that enables wagering providers to grow turnover and customer engagement; while RACELAB’s fixed odds pricing services is power by proprietary Odds Engine technology which allows for accurate, real-time sports book operations and liability management.